Designing Tile Showers: Benefits of Stone over Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

Image of a stone tile design.
Add value and timeless beauty to your bathroom remodeling project. Design a bathroom shower with a natural stone tile shower.

The benefits of designing and installing a natural stone shower, when compared to porcelain or ceramic tile are overwhelming. Bathroom remodeling is becoming an extremely popular way to increase the value of a home, as well as to update the space so that it is more visually pleasing.

More and more homeowners are not only requesting updated bathrooms, but are also interested in designing a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. This luxury has become more affordable in recent years. Since the price of natural stone has recently become very competitive with a man-made ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone is now accessible to many homeowners. In some cases, ceramic and porcelain tiles are even more expensive than real stone.

Popular stones like marble, granite and travertine, are said to account for nearly 40 percent of all current bathroom and kitchen remodels. This indicates that natural products are an affordable option for many homeowners. Many consumers are still under the impression that updating kitchens and bathrooms with marble, granite or travertine, is completely out of their price range. Since the cost of natural stone has gone down, it only makes sense to design and remodel with natural products.

Stone showers in the bath look timeless and travertine is a durable stone that will stand the test of time. Since it is so dense, it is extremely hard to crack, but this is not unheard of. Herein lies a huge benefit of a natural stone shower over a ceramic tile or fiberglass shower: If tiles made from marble, granite or travertine get damaged, it is much easier to repair than any glazed ceramic or porcelain tile. If a natural stone happens to get etched or cracked, it can be buffed, polished or repaired by a local fabricator, with a somewhat painless process.

The look of the natural stone continues throughout the entire body of the stone, unlike glazed porcelain or ceramic tiles made to represent a natural stone tile. This means that if a thin top layer of a natural stone is shaved off, the stone will look the same. With a man-made ceramic and porcelain tile, only the top coat or the glaze, is made to look like a natural stone. If the glaze of a tile gets damaged, it cannot be sanded, polished or buffed.  Because of this, the entire tile has to be removed in a time consuming process so as to not damage the surrounding tiles. If the tiles around the damaged tile are cracked during the removal, the problem becomes a lot larger and a lot more costly. If a cultured marble shower starts to crack or begins peeling, it is common for the whole thing to be replaced. With Supreme Surface Stone Shower Cleaner, a natural stone shower will only look better with time and will end up saving the homeowner money in the long run.

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