Cleaning Granite Composite Sinks, Removing White Haze & Hard Water Spots

I’ve owned a natural stone fabrication facility for twenty years. In 2008 I started to see Composite granite sinks become a popular alternative to stainless steel. As composite sinks were growing in popularity, so were the service calls related to mineral deposits, hard water spots and  “The White Haze”. These issues are usually due to soap scum, calcium and limescale buildup. I was on a quest to find a simple, safe and effective solution to these common issues, for both industry pros and the consumer.

In 2012 our service department was consistently getting calls asking how to clean and remove the white or grey haze. One day I decided to go along on one of those service calls. While we were there, we recorded a video ( which today has nearly 70,000 views) using Supreme Surface Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover. In a two-step process, taking about about 30 minutes, we managed to remove the haze from the black granite composite sink. We restored the look by making the surface smoother, more reflective and the colors more vibrant.

Step 1: Use Supreme Surface Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover

This step requires patience. Spray on  Supreme Surface Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover covering the surface generously. Let sit for several minutes, agitate with a scrub brush or scouring pad, rinse,  let dry. Depending on the condition of the sink, you may need to repeat this process several times. This process will effectively remove all mineral deposits and soap scum causing the look of a white or grey haze.

Step 2: Use Supreme Surface Granite, Quartz & Marble Treatment with ioSeal

It’s simple; spray on and wipe off! This is an All-In-One, cleaner, polish and progressive sealer, for granite, quartz, marble and more. It effectively works on all composite sinks. This treatment contains unique ioSeal Protectants, formulated to improve the look and feel of all natural stone surfaces; making colors more vibrant, the surface smoother, more reflective and easier to clean.

Using ioSeal 21E

ioSeal 21E is a simple to use, water based finish, that we commonly use to seal and protect porous and textured surfaces. We typically follow step two with the ioSeal as a clear coat protective finish. If you feel it is necessary to do the third step, call our office at 317-788-0000.

Let’s be real, this procedure works most of the time. However, and although unlikely, it is possible that the finish has been etched by  harsh or abrasive chemicals that other leading brands use in their formulas. This is why it is important to use Supreme Surface brand products, they are unique and very different from other leading brands. They do not contain harsh, abrasive or toxic chemicals, but they are highly effective. Remember to practice patience when doing step 1. If this process does not clean and restore the look and feel of your composite sink, you may need to purchase a new one.

Tom Munro, President of Supreme Surface, Inc., and founder of Supreme Surface® brand stone care products 2015.

Industry Pro, Tom Munro, is the President of Supreme Surface, Inc., and the founder of the Supreme Surface brand of stone care products. Supreme Surface stone care products are recommended by and sold through more than 7500 marble and granite fabricators across the United States, Canada and select ACE Hardware and True Value stores around Chicagoland.