Bathrooms: Transition From Functional Spaces to Private Spas

Bathroom Remodeling in Greenwood Indiana
This beautiful bathroom was designed and installed by Supreme Surface, Inc.

Over the years, the first impression of a bathroom has transitioned from a basic functional space, into a memory point of the home.  At one time bathrooms were purely functional rooms with merely a toilet, shower, bath and sink.  Today, more than ever, homeowners desire private spa-like bathrooms; a quiet oasis where they can escape and relax in luxurious bathrooms without leaving the home.  At Supreme Surface, we aim to build, remodel and design these breathtaking spa-type bathrooms.

Stunning Showers– At Supreme Surface we create stunning and unique natural stone shower designs that incorporate custom glass and travertine trimmed out with polished granite.  We also use the best shower installation methods, so you will not only have a dream shower, but you will have one that’s easy to maintain and remains breathtaking for years to come.

Make-up Stations and Vanities–  We believe that it is the details that turn a bathroom into a spa.  We provide comfortable, functional and eye-catching areas for women to get ready in the morning.  We select beautiful lighting, mirrors and other accents that set these areas apart.  We also incorporate custom cabinets with glass, granite, marble or quartz countertops that make these stations not only stunning to look at, but also highly functional.