Travertine Showers

Choosing the right natural stone for your new luxury shower is a big decision. If you’re looking for a truly unique material with a long history of opulent beauty, then stone showers featuring travertine may be ideal for you. This natural stone has been used since ancient times for building. In fact, the Roman Coliseum features travertine! Bringing a bit of ancient luxury into your very own home has never been easier, since travertine is now very affordable and accessible.

Color Range

Travertine is available in a wide range of colors. These colors are all in the family known as neutrals. Think ivory, beige, brown…all the way down to deep reds and gold. While these colors are stunning and they complement a wide range of bathroom décor, they aren’t for everybody. If you have your heart set on an ultra-modern, sleek black shower, then travertine is not going to fit the bill. However, if you like the relaxing appearance of earth tones, travertine showers can transform your bathroom into a natural spa-like oasis!

Texture Choices

Depending on the finish, a travertine tile can vary greatly in appearance. There are three main types of finish for this stone. Brushed or tumbled travertine tiles highlight the stone’s natural texture, leaving some depressions and a matte finish. Be sure you can commit to keeping these depressions clean and dry before purchasing brushed travertine for your shower. Honed tiles have been finished a bit more than brushed tiles, removing many depressions but leaving a matte finish. Due to the amount of moisture involved, honed travertine tiles are the most popular choice for stone showers. Finally, polished travertine is just what the name implies…a beautiful high shine. In this state, travertine closely resembles marble.


One of the best aspects of travertine for bathroom applications is the ease of cutting this beautiful stone. Unlike some other natural stone materials, travertine cuts easily. This makes it great for creating a customized shower, since accent pieces can be cut with minimal effort.

If you enjoy the appearance of warm earth tones and are seeking to create a truly customized luxury bath that the ancient Romans would have envied, then stone showers using travertine are for you. This natural stone is durable, versatile and extraordinarily beautiful. Keep you travertine shower looking like new. Use proper methods for cleaning stone showers.